We should all start to live before we get too old.

- Marilyn Monroe

Keith Haring

Wet feet waiting for my train. Hate this patchy weather 💧💧💧 #CommuterProbs

Been looking at maps…

…where to go next?


colors // the nightman cometh

sometimes, people ask me “hey ryden, what do you do with your spare time?”

here’s your answer. i spend most of my time being garbage.

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La Vida Magazine | Issue 6
Welcome to La Vida Magazine’s latest issue: “London’s Calling”. In this issue La Vida gives an insight on summer’s latest fashion trends along with an array of lifestyle content including the introduction of La Vida’s latest sections: La Vida Travel & La Vida Business. In this edition, Athina Macpherson, Editor-in-Chief, also gives insight into La Vida’s expansion into London this upcoming September, making it the first free hard copy fashion & lifestyle title to be distributed across Manchester, Liverpool, Chester & London. Our readers can expect to indulge in 1 of 70,000 copies distributed across the nation on a bi-monthly frequency. Thank you & enjoy reading our latest issue. Sincerely yours, La Vida Magazine


Because… why not?

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My desk #Placement #Intern #Magazine #SetUp #Studio

I start my Graphic Design internship at La Vida Magazine this week!